Our Approach

At County Durham Therapy we believe that, although people share common problems, everyone’s experience of emotional distress is different. Through the assessment process we hope to develop a mutual understanding of your unique life history, personality, current difficulties as well as future expectations. This will guide our recommendations and choice of psychological therapy for you.  This may be a therapy that teaches you specific ways of managing your symptoms, for example, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or an approach that uses the therapeutic relationship to help you explore the links between the past and your current difficulties, such as Psychodynamic Therapy.

We believe that creating a safe environment, through a trusting relationship with your therapist, is essential in helping you to explore your difficulties. The development of insight into your problems is vital in assisting you to establish more robust ways of coping, as well as changing long standing patterns of behaviour. Depending on your specific issues and your individual preference, we may agree to a time limited piece of work or contract to meet in the longer term. We offer 1:1 sessions, group work and couple therapy.

As we are all registered and accredited therapists we adhere to a Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. These are strict guidelines which outline the values and principles of our individual professions and ensure that we adhere the highest standard of professional behaviour. As a result, we are committed to providing therapy that is well researched and has a strong evidence base. In addition, we are dedicated to maintaining and developing our knowledge and skills as a way of assuring legal, effective and safe practice.