At County Durham Theapy (CDT) we have a wealth of experience in enabling teams to work more efficiently.  By using a model developed at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London we are able to enhance team-work and by doing so:


  • Staff efficiency
  • Productivity
  • Team cohesiveness


  • Absences for both short and long-term sickness
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures 
  • Unwanted employee turnover

How does this model work?

The Tavistock Institute have studied individuals and groups and the interactions between them over many years and, as a result, have developed this model.  It is a combination of Systems Theory and Analytical Therapy and aims to help to understand why relationships at work become difficult and devise solutions which will help improve them.

How is this delivered?

Staff at CDT offer either:

  1. A consultation service, which involves discussion with managers and staff over an agreed number of sessions and/or period of time
  2. A workshop, which can be delivered over a half or a full day, depending on your needs.

Although staff members often worry about this sort of intervention, fearing being scrutinised or exposed, in our experience the reality is that these workshops are hugely productive, satisfying and enjoyable for all involved.